Bansky creates sinister ‘Dismaland Bemusement Park’

Crowds have flocked to UK graffiti artist Bansky’s new Dismaland art installation to see his sinister take on theme parks.

The anonymous street artist has turned a huge derelict outdoor swimming pool on a beach into a sinister version of a Disney theme park.

A fire-ravaged fairytale-style castle will be the star attraction at the park which also features a sinister Punch and Judy show.

In one sculpture, Cinderella’s lifeless body hangs from the wreckage of her crashed carriage as paparazzi snap away in a scene clearly inspired by the death of Princess Diana.

Other doom-laden images include the Grim Reaper on the dodgems and an atomic mushroom cloud.

Banksy described Dismaland as a “bemusement park” and bills it as “the UK’s most disappointing new visitor attraction”.

The site features a total of ten Banksy murals and sculptures. Others include a woman being attacked by seagulls, a distorted mermaid with a derelict fairytale castle and a killer whale jumping out of a lavatory.

Works by other artists include Big Rig Jig – two juggernauts in a balletic pose. There is also attraction called the Jeffrey Archer Memorial Fire Pit that invites visitors to burn the novels written by the former Conservative politician, who grew up in the town and is now Lord Archer of Weston-super-Mare.

Speaking to a local newspaper, the Weston Mercury, ahead the opening, Banksy said: “I loved the Tropicana as a kid, so getting to throw these doors open again is a real honour.

“I hope everyone from Weston will take the opportunity to once more stand in a puddle of murky water eating cold chips to the sound of crying children.”

The doors opened on Saturday at the park in the west of England, although tickets for the sessions proved difficult to buy as the website appeared to crash amid huge demand – leading some critics to ask whether the resulting frustration was part of the overall “dismal experience”.


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