Balkan bistro in Dubai celebrates Scandinavian design

Balkan bistro in Dubai celebrates Scandinavian design

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Elements of Scandinavian design are featured in a new homegrown bistro concept that recently opened in Dubai, featuring minimal interiors and warm tones.

The team behind 21 Grams, led by founder Stasha Toncev, led the design for the small dining space, taking inspiration from Balkan culture and minimalist design language. 

“The inspiration [behind the design] was a clash of cultures, memories and influences,” said Toncev.

The space encapsulates the rural, warm houses found in the Balkans as well as the minimal and simple lines and artefacts mostly associated with Scandinavian design.

The type of food served in the bistro is reflected in the design, Toncev explained.

“The space is small and simple; minimal yet cozy and warm, and intimately lit to to inspire people to enjoy the simple things in life and celebrate fresh, handmade soul food.”

Furnished with simple oak wood chairs and tables, other materials such as quartz and concrete give the space its contemporary and raw feel.

The warm colour palette of terracotta, pastel pink and darker shades of blue and grey create a contrast of warm and cool shades that accentuates the duality of Balkan and Scandinavian design languages.

The space also features old kilims and antiques, complete with bursts of greenery from the plants and flowers used to decorate the space.

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