Axor Universal Accessories is released as part of Axor Citterio collaboration

Alongside the Axor Citterio E collection that was launched in Milan last week, DesignMENA also viewed Axor’s latest accessories collection, the Axor Universal Accessories, also in collaboration with Italian designer and architect Antonio Citterio.

This is the first of Axor, Hansgrohe’s designer brand, has introduced a comprehensive system of accessories that includes handles, bars and shelf elements. These can be used either individually or as a systems solution in bathrooms as well as in kitchens.

Philippe Grohe, head of Axor, said the high-quality components of the line gives rise to “harmonious solutions”. He added that “these can be re-arranged or complemented by adding more components if the need arises. This means, customising room designs become much simpler.”

Citterio explained that “accessories have a significant effect on the overall appearance of a room; they are an essential part of its decor.

“When I design something, I strive to create products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. For instance, bars inside the shower function as a support for other accessories and serve as towel bars outside the shower.”

There are twelves accessories in total, each offering clean lines and generous surfaces that, much like the Axor Citterio E line, focus on the element of high-worth and value.

Materials used such as chrome-plated metal, mirrored and white glass contribute to the durability and hygiene of the products as well as making it easy to clean.

Special customer requests are also available with the in-house Axor Manufaktur, which individualises the standard products.

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