Aston Martin reveals its first ever speedboat

British luxury brand Aston Martin has revealed its first ever speedboat, the AM37, in Dubai.

Created in collaboration with Quintessence Yachts, the boat will feature a sliding deck and on-board interactive voice control.

The deck will allow owners to completely cover the cockpit of the boat, protecting it from elements such as bad weather.

It will consist of three carbon panels which will fold under the aft deck and grant access to the cockpit, dock, engine room, storage compartments and bimini top.

The new maritime concept provides owners with an alternative to storing on-board gear in safe compartments. Instead, with a click of the AM37 key, their boat and possessions would be locked.

As for the boat’s other features, they include an espresso machine which “can be started while the owner is still at home or driving to the marina,” according to Aston Martin.

It also includes a 15-inch HD touchscreen on the dashboard as part of the control monitor.

Two version of the vessel will be built. The first is the AM37S with twin 600 hp Mercury petrol engines and a top speed of 52 knots. The second is the AM37 with twin 520 hp petrol engines with 44 knots top speed.

Aston Martin has confirmed that the boat will be completed in September.

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