Aljoud Lootah designs new collection inspired by ‘areesh’ palm frond structures

Aljoud Lootah designs new collection inspired by ‘areesh’ palm frond structures

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Emirati designer Aljoud Lootah has unveiled a new collection inspired by the traditional palm frond (or palm leaf) structures found across the Middle East.

Traditonal ‘areesh’ structures found in the UAE was Lootah’s inspiration for the collection.

Entitled ‘Al Areesh’ (referencing the Arabic name of the structure), the collection comprises a set of furniture and lighting pieces including a room divider, a coffee table, a stool, and table lamp.

Areesh constructions are typically created from dried palm fronds, placed vertically as poles, and linked together by rope to create simple enclosures that provide shade from the sun, and protect against prevailing winds.

Al Areesh plays with the nature of light and shadow, mimicking the way light would enter the gaps between the palm fronds.

Such structures were commonly used across the UAE as summer houses and ‘majlises’ (places of gathering), where the gaps in the walls allowed for ventilation for the inhabitants.

The designs play with the nature of light and shadows, as the piece play homage to ‘areesh’ architecture.

Lootah used contemporary materials such as rose gold, glass, and copper plating to reinterpret the traditional architectural language of the structures, while encapsulating their nature.

The collection was first debuted during Dubai Design Week, which took place from 13-18 November 2017. See our highlights from the event here. 




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