Perfect for design-conscious ivory ticklers, Robert Majkut’s Whaletone was inspired by the designer’s dream of a grand piano that possessed the “soft, flowing, frozen movement of a gigantic animal”.

Majkut explains the design process behind the Whaletone. “It took me a long time to sketch the form, which came across as something vaguely imitating the vision concealed in my mind. And then, one day, while working on this concept already a bit obsessively, my mind unlocked and my hand drew the piano from my dream. I immediately recognised it. I instantly knew I got it,” he says.

The result is a highly sculptural digital instrument which resembles a whale breaking the waves and arching its body. Thankfully the Whaletone is not just style and no substance – the four-channel amplifier, dynamic sound and comfortable keyboard make it sophisticated enough for professional musicians.

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