Index Artist’s Avenue

As one of the specific shows within Index, this year’s interior design tradeshow will feature what is known as the Artist’s Avenue.

It will have an art gallery on the show floor created specifically for interior designers, art procurement professionals and art enthusiasts to meet up-and-coming artists and view their latest works.

In addition, there will be a number of galleries surrounding the venue, offering visitors an art space that will publicise a wide range of art and include informal talks.

The exhibiting artists and galleries are: George Bassil, Amal Al Shamsi and Marina Harris, Mondo Art Gallery, Dubai; Chrissie Jenkins; Naqsh Gallery – Jordan and Dubai; Carrie Wareham and Marian Lishman, Black Sheep Gallery; Bernadette Taborda France; Bait Muzna Gallery, Oman; Simin Tajik (Bamboo Gallery) Iran; Neil Corder; Samantha & Steve Chambers, The Big Art Co. Dubai; Feras Sabra, Pro Plus Creative Lebanon; Mattar Bin Lahej Dubai; Andreas Denstorf, Platux – Germany; and Mackenzie Art – Dubai.

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