100 Objects of Desire

100 Objects of Desire

Objects of Desire

Welcome to Commercial Interior Design’s One Hundred Objects of Desire, to celebrate all things inspirational.

Inspiration can come in many forms – from a passing thought, piece of music, passage of prose, or a simple object.

Commercial Interior Design sees thousands of objects each year, from the seemingly mundane to the outrageously stylised. While each object is designed to serve a specific purpose, the ethos that binds them all is to inspire interior designers not only to use them in their spaces, but to place them front and centre.

To honour these objects, and celebrate the inspiration they generate, we have selected the most inspirational 100 – CID’s One Hundred Objects of Desire.

From lamps to lighting installations, book shelves to balustrades, furniture to floors, and the spaces interior designers create; we hope you enjoy reading our celebration of all things inspirational, just as much as we did in finding them.



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