Peru breaks ground on Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion

Peru breaks ground on Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion

Expo 2020 Dubai, Peruvian design

Peru’s minster of foreign trade has kicked off his country’s Expo 2020 Dubai participation, breaking ground on a pavilion designed by Habitare Architecture and Engineering.

Edgar Vásquez, minister of foreign trade and tourism, broke ground on the pavilion that will feature Peru’s ancient architectural history and evoke its 10,000-year storytelling tradition.

The pavilion will also reproduce an Inca bridge called a Q’eswachaka that is woven from grass.

The bridge symbolises the connection between the past, present and future.

Vásque said the Q’eswachaka bridge is woven annually by communities in Cusco and “represents the path that Peru has travelled throughout its history”.

He added: “It also represents the path we are traveling, one that will take us to the future as a country. A country with an infinite wealth, great export products and beautiful tourist attractions for the world to see.

“This path is based on the sustainability of our biodiversity, our history and our cultural diversity, and shows our contribution towards the construction of a better future for humanity”.

Habitare Architecture and Engineering won a national design competition to work on Peru’s pavilion prior to the ground-breaking ceremony.

With less than 12 months to go until Expo 2020 Dubai begins in October, many of the participating countries are starting construction on their pavilions.

Last week, China broke ground on its pavilion, which is going to be one of the largest ones alongside the structures for the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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