Dubai’s ODG redesigns Cyprus airport shops as duty-free value soars

Dubai’s ODG redesigns Cyprus airport shops as duty-free value soars

Muscat International Airport, ODG, Retail design

Dubai-based ODG has redesigned the duty-free area of Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus, as part of a multi-phased retail revitalisation at the airport.

The retail design consultancy worked on Muscat International Airport's duty-free area and is collaborating with Cypriot officials to design a “best-in-class shopping experience” for passengers.

It comes as data shows duty-free shopping could fly as high as $112bn by 2025.

ODG is reviewing the construction, design and engineering of new retail spaces, set to cover more than 4,300m².

Phase One, which ODG recently completed, included designing the walk-through duty-free shopping area that starts with perfume and make-up.

Its design takes cues from natural Cypriot architectural influences and infuses local materials and colours.

The main shopping walkway “mirrors the pathways found in Cypriot villages” while the ceiling is inspired by the way light passes through oil tree branches, ODG said.

It is unclear what the next phase of work will entail, but the design house said it wanted to create a fun environment where each brand “has its own identity” to convert “attention into purchases”.

To ensure each shop offers something different and does not follow the same cookie-cutter approach, ODG will review and coordinate the design of all featured brands.

Hugo Vanderschaegh, managing partner at ODG, said there was strong international demand at transport destinations for more dynamic retail.

“There is a strong demand from medium size airports, train stations and travel hubs who have experienced a sharp rise in traffic numbers and are now looking to upgrade their commercial planning and retail experiences,” he said

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