Expo 2020 Dubai country pavilions: Brazil

Expo 2020 Dubai country pavilions: Brazil

Expo 2020 Dubai, Brazil, Country pavilions
Expo 2020 Dubai

With the clock ticking down until Expo 2020 Dubai begins, Commercial Interior Design is looking back on every country pavilion unveiled so far.

There will be 192 in total and the Expo 2020 Dubai team has shared design details for many of them with Commercial Interior Design.

As the largest country and economy in South America, Brazil will boast a pavilion befitting its position as an economic and environmental powerhouse in the continent.

While recent questions have been raised about Brazil’s commitment to environmentalism following its response to fires in the Amazon, the country’s pavilion will be located in the Sustainability District.

Its design will recreate the Amazon basin with a striking water feature that visitors will be able to walk through or around. This feature pays homage to the fact that Brazil is home to the world’s largest river.

Visitors can travel around the pavilion on a path made from anti-slip, black concrete.

Its theme, Together for Diversity, celebrates the country’s rich flora and fauna, wildlife, culture, arts, creativity and biodiversity.

It has been designed as part of a collaboration between three architecture studios, Ben-Avid, JPG.ARQ, and MMBB Aquiteto.

It will also feature an atmospheric interior design accentuated by projections, sounds and scents reminiscent of Brazil’s diverse landscape.

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