Expo 2020 Dubai: Seven pavilions creating a buzz

Expo 2020 Dubai: Seven pavilions creating a buzz

Expo 2020 Dubai, Architecture
Expo 2020 Dubai

A look at seven country pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai, with just 12 months to go until the eagerly-awaited event opens its doors to the world.  

Across a building site twice the size of Monaco, 192 country pavilions will be housed within the expo’s three Thematic Districts: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

There are currently 32,000 people working on site and some of this work is being carried out to ensure the country pavilions are finished with plenty of time before the event begins.

As 20 October marks one year to go until the event starts, here are seven country pavilions that caught the eye of Commercial Interior Design.

The Austria Pavilion
Austria will use 9,000-year-old soil to build its pavilion, which is made from 47 truncated cones. The architecture firm behind the pavilion is Vienna-based Querkraft and visitors can take a trip to a Viennese coffeehouse at the pavilion.

The Belarus Pavilion
Belarus caused a flush of excitement when it unveiled its ‘Forest of Future Technology’ theme, which explores how nature and technology can collectively shape the world around us. Designed by NÜSSLI Adunic AG, the pavilion’s tech forest will resemble the primeval forests in the country and explores themes of innovation, investment and individuality.

The China Pavilion
Set to be one of the largest country pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai alongside the UAE’s, which is the biggest, the China Pavilion combines traditional elements with modern architecture. Located in the Opportunity District, it has been designed by Construction Engineering Design Group Corporation and showcases centuries of Chinese history, highlighting how the country is shaping the future with scientific and technological breakthroughs.

The Germany Pavilion
Sustainability takes centre stage at the country pavilion for Germany, which boasts the biggest economy in Europe. The campus-themed pavilion will highlight an array of creative environmental ideas that are already having real-life results on the ground. Visitors will be able to choose from 155,000 balls in the colours of Germany’s flag to explore the nation’s sustainability roadmap.

The Japan Pavilion
Enjoy unrivalled Japanese hospitality and high-tech entertainment within a pavilion where a lattice exterior combines traditional Japanese and Arabesque styles, a reflection of the ancient trading routes between the Middle East and Japan. Located in the Opportunity District, Japan has a keen interest in ensuring its participation in Dubai is successful, as it will host Expo 2025 in Osaka.

The Netherlands Pavilion
Another leader is sustainability, The Netherlands will showcase a pavilion with its own climate system that can even grow its own mushrooms – that can be used for anything from nutrition to construction. Designed by V8 Architects, the pavilion will harvest water, energy and food through innovations including a cone-shaped vertical farm.

The UAE Pavilion
The Santiago Calatrava-designed UAE pavilion will resemble the shape of a falcon – the national bird of the UAE and a symbol of force and courage – in flight. Standing four storeys tall across 15,000m², the architectural feature will tell the story of the UAE from a small trading outpost to an interconnected global hub.

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