Schwitzke & Partner brings next-gen retail experience to Delhi department store

Schwitzke & Partner brings next-gen retail experience to Delhi department store

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Schwitzke & Partner

The Dubai office of German retail design firm Schwitzke & Partner has revamped India’s Shoppers Stop with a ‘next generation’ retail concept tapping into merchandise presentation, movement and contemporary design.

The Indian department store chain has more than 80 locations across the country and brought the Düsseldorf-based retail realisation business on to implement its new vision.

Shoppers Stop in Delhi covers more than 3,000m² of retail space across multiple floors and features neon lights and other fixture designs to highlight the brands.

With dozens of names under one roof, spatial considerations were key and the client wanted each area to look individual yet be unobtrusive to the overall design.

Each brand has space to express its individual style in a subtle way so that the overall retail experience flows seamlessly.

Some of the bigger brands in Shoppers Stop have undergone more extensive upgrades than the smaller areas to bring the interior design in line with that of an international fashion chain. These changes were carried out by Schwitzke & Partner without the need for major internal infrastructural work.

All of the changes were designed to improve the way that customers move through the retail store and engage with the various brands.

Important focal points for customers such as the cashier point, customer service desk, fitting rooms and lounge have also had aesthetic enhancements.

With a growing population of more than 1.3bn people, India is seen as one of several growth markets for interior designers operating in the UAE. 

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