Maja Kozel-designed Project Chaiwalla opens second branch in Dubai Media City

Maja Kozel-designed Project Chaiwalla opens second branch in Dubai Media City

Maja Kozel, Project Chaiwalla, CID Awards 2019

Project Chaiwalla's second café has opened and it was again designed by the award-winning Maja Kozel.

Kozel designed Project Chaiwalla's first branch, which won the Interior Design of the Year: Public Space trophy at the CID Awards 2019.

Now, the award-winning chai café has opened up in Building 7, Dubai Media City. 

And just like the first one, it could soon become a favourite hangout for the creative community.

Dutch spatial designer Kozel opted for a sustainable material palette of timber, steel and terrazzo.

She has even collaborated with fellow Dutch designer Marwa El Nory on the project. 

The chai station is the focal point.

It features a bright turquoise splash of colour, with wooden shutters that frame the chaiwalla — the one who pours the tea.

Kozel brings a contemporary touch to the chai café with modern material choices and indirect lights that focus on the countertop.

Home-like vibes beam out of the space, with a collection of different furniture options that work as both personal and communal spaces for customers. Kozel sourced her lighting and furniture from the likes of Maison Du Monde, Urban Nest, Lucky Furniture, White Moss Décor, and Home & Soul.

Maja Kozel won the public space prize at the CID Awards 2019 for Cinema Akil & Project Chaiwalla.

The laid-back space has become one of the favourite spots for design figures like Esra Lemmens and Cecilia Morosi. There is no reason to suggest that the latest Project Chaiwalla will be any less adored.

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