Glowing solar-powered orbs win Masdar design prize

Glowing solar-powered orbs win Masdar design prize

Concept design, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi

Sunggi Park has won an international design competition for an installation of solar powered orbs that could generate renewable electricity for the UAE’s low-carbon Masdar City.

The New York-based architecture and design firm’s Starlit Stratus public installation picked up the top award from the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI).

It uses a tessellation of dynamic solar modules that change their appearance during the day and turn into glowing orbs at dusk.

They also provide shade and mist during the day, collecting solar energy that, if built, could provide Masdar City in Abu Dhabi with up to 2,484 megawatts of renewable energy per year.

The LAGI international design competition, sponsored by Masdar, was held at the World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi. It received more than 300 submissions from 65 countries.

Sunggi Park will receive $40,000 in prize money for its winning entry, Starlit Stratus.

A three-strong team of Ricardo Solar, Lezama, Viktoriya Kovaleva, and Armando Solar came second in the competition with Sun Flower – a kinetic sculpture that collects energy through solar panels built into its petals.

This sculpture can generate 1,400 megawatts of electricity per annum.

Yousef Baselaib, executive director of sustainable real estate at Masdar, said the designs could support the economic, social and environmental sustainable of the city, acting as a catalyst to inspire others.

“I hope that their designs can inspire others to use culture and renewable energy to further the global energy transformation,” he noted.

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