XBD designs Juice Spa Salon in Mirdif City Centre

XBD designs Juice Spa Salon in Mirdif City Centre

XBD Collective, Salon and spa design

XBD Collective has completed the design of Juice Spa Salon in Mirdif City Centre, selecting a material palette of wood, gold metal, marble and bronze.

The famous salon chain from India has wooden tiled flooring and the nail station tables have been customised with semi-circular gold metal detailing.

Walls in the VIP area of the salon are clad in bronze by the Dubai-based design collective to accentuate a sense of prestige. The main feature here, though, is a ceiling speckled with miniature spotlights that create a sparkling effect reminiscent of a starry night.

One of the main challenges XBD Collective faced with transforming the shell and core structure into a feminine beauty salon was that it only had one drainage point.

The practice proposed shifting all areas that required drainage to the back or right-hand side of the salon.

A floating island unit has been added to improve the flow of people visiting the salon, and to divide the space. It is clad in lacquered MDF boards with grey glass fins and a metal trim.

Inspired by industrial shelving units, XDB has designed three shelves with steel pipes and bolts for the retail display within Juice Spa Salon.

The reception desk has been clad in white marble with a soft gold inlay.

The neutral colour tone is contrasted with a floor-to-ceiling biophilic green wall and a colourful collection of products adds a touch of vibrancy.

XBD Collective also had a bespoke pedicure bench created, with a plush teal faux leather upholstery from Kirkby Design and the prototype of the bench was tested before the final piece was crated.

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