Perkins+Will is bringing Riyadh airport back to its 'original power'

Perkins+Will is bringing Riyadh airport back to its 'original power'

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Perkins+Will is modernising the more than 40-year-old King Khalid International Airport under a renovation to transform one of the kingdom's most important aviation hubs.

The airport is the main gateway to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's capital and commercial centre. As part of the far-ranging Vision 2030 transformation agenda, spearheaded by HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Perkins+Will is renovating Terminal 3 and 4 of King Khalid International Airport.

Design director Morgan Flemming can’t disclose much about the project due to its high-profile nature, but he has told Commercial Interior Design what the practice has planned for the renovation.

“Riyadh International Airport is a really interesting project because it is a mid-century modern building, but one that is entwined with the Saudi culture and consciousness,” he said.

“It is a building that [Saudis] view as one that is special. It’s part of their DNA, so we’re renovating two buildings and making them fresh. There have been a lot of security constraints but they’re still lovely buildings. What we are trying to do is get them back to their power – the notion of intuitive wayfinding, the fact that you can walk through the building and see the tail of the aircraft.

“The lovely domes that enclose the interior space, we want to bring them back to life, as well as upgrade and make modern the spaces that people have to pass through,” he added.

Working for the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Perkins+Will is creating an intuitive design that makes wayfinding straightforward and natural, whilst also evoking a sense of calmness.

This sense of peace will be accentuated by reducing noise with designs that considers the acoustics of the space.

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