Top interior design projects from July

Top interior design projects from July

4Space Design, LW Design Group, H2R Design, Campbell Gray Living Amman

Commercial Interior Design has written about a lot of projects recently, here are some of the latest projects we enjoyed covering from the month of July.

Kava & Chai DIFC

The latest installment of popular coffeehouse Kava & Chai, located in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), was designed by boutique Dubai-based studio 4Space Design.

It has a parametric ceiling made from teal structured pipes, designed using an algorithm. These cylindrical pipes are decorated with charcoal floral graphics denoting the coffea plant from which the seeds are extracted to make the brews many of us can’t live without.

Kava & Chai DIFC is approximately 160m² and is a cosy spot that is great for coffee with friends or adding another snap to your Instagram page.

Bull & Bear, Waldorf Astoria DIFC

Bull & Bear is a restaurant in Dubai’s recently-opened Waldorf Astoria DIFC hotel that features two iron-clad animal sculptures that the interior design studio LW Design Group commissioned. 

The bull and bear sculptures are hand-forged with layers of liquid metal and tramazite and stand tall at the heart of the restaurant.

They are designed to be reminiscent of Wall Street’s famous bronze Charging Bull statute and thus create a link between Dubai and the original Waldorf Astoria in New York.

The interiors have a similarly vintage and sophisticated feel to the original hotel. LW opted for a strong colour palette with rich metals, leather, timber and contemporary classic furniture.


Original artwork by a street artist dubbed the ‘Banksy of Malaysia’ on exposed concrete walls has helped to create an industrial, urban look for the hangar1 restaurant in Campbell Gray Living Amman, Jordan.

The gourmet restaurant in Amman’s trendy design district is what a 1950s US diner would look like if it was inside a vintage aircraft hangar, hence the name. Brushed steel and aeroplane rivets are fixed to the walls and steel hanger lights and lamps are made from repurposed jet engines.

It is the first restaurant run by UK hospitality operator Campbell Gray in its mixed-use development Campbell Gray Living Amman.


Asma in Dubai Mall serves up Middle Eastern cuisine with a traditional Arabic interior design that compliments the food served up by the three Emirati siblings who own the restaurant.

Boutique studio H2R Design completed the project, which features copper detailing, warm terracotta tiles and marble countertops that remain perennially popular in gastronomic design.

The restaurant is named after the mother of the Emirati siblings and H2R Design responded to be brief by creating a nostalgic place to enjoy food together.

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