New eatery by 4Space Design is centered on gourmet concepts from around the world

New eatery by 4Space Design is centered on gourmet concepts from around the world

The latest dining concept, AtmosFire, is a confluence of the old and the new, with raw, industrial finishes interpreted in a modern context

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4Space Design has created a brand new classic and at the same time trendy restaurant concept in the emirate. New to Dubai, it is a centrally open barbecue fire pit with six different grills around the world.

Located along Jumeirah Beach Road, AtmosFire is a central open barbecue fire pit with six different grill gourmet concepts from around the world.

A carnivore’s paradise, AtmosFire has been developed after an in-depth research and analysis.

“Our client, who is already firmly established within the food and beverage industry and owners of its own famous and prestigious brand – Barbeque Nation, was seeking to build an upscale barbecue restaurant that is inspired by the traditional grilling techniques from all over the world,” says Firas Alsahin, managing director, 4Space Design.

The restaurant has been given a conceptual presentation. Visitors entering AtmosFire restaurant are greeted with the spectacular sight of a massive brick brazier, spanning from floor to ceiling.

The brazier takes the center stage at the restaurant, serving as the focal point of the entire space.

A striking, open fire barbecue pit makes guests feel entertained, as they can watch their meals being prepared and feel as a part of the culinary action.

“4Space Design pitched the concept of having a central open fire pit with six different grills that will serve the best meats from around the globe. As guests enter the restaurant, they will be stunned by the massive brick brazier. With its striking open fire pit, guests will feel that they are as much a part of the action as the chefs. It creates a spectacle for the eyes and a feast for the taste buds,” comments Alsahin.

Designing this central space hasn’t been easy. There were several aspects to look into to create a comfortable ambience for the diners.

“The brazier extends from a double height ceiling and that made it more difficult to design. It was also a challenge to place a two-ton fire pit in the center and surrounded it with a seating area.

“MEP design was another major challenge as we had to ensure good air conditioning and ventilation to bring comfort to people sitting around the fire pit,” explains Alsahin.

4Space wanted to create a place that is ‘instagrammable’, and where people can socailise.

“We wanted to design a space that complements the theatre of live cooking for guests to observe and to take photos and videos. We installed rotating chairs on the ground floor, around the central pit area, to complement this idea,” Alsahin remarks.

Terrazzo material has been applied to most of the spaces – floor, walls, tables, and countertops.

“This was as a result of an understanding of our client’s interior design vision and our ability to achieve the desired contemporary yet classic look. The outcome is a stunning brand new vintage vision; rich in history and tradition yet innovative with clear lines and a truly stunning, inviting appearance. We added corten steel walls on the ground level with ember linear lighting inspired by the grilling effect,” remarks Alsahin.

The company has worked with the bricks to give the impression of a classic, historic place. “The ‘broken bricks’ effect on the ceiling and walls creates a shift between the sleek surfaces to an aged appearance to create an atmosphere of classic history in one of the world’s youngest cities where residents and visitors crave a vision of heritage.”

Besides this, black steel has been applied to the meat agers cabinet and also around the pit area with copper finishes to complement design theme of contemporary and aged imperfection.

“The mezzanine floor presents a pleasant surprise in the detail of the upholstery, joinery and finishes. The lighting has been set to provide a calm dining atmosphere. Our materials were used to allow maximum creativity including several viewpoints at every angle of the dining area and bar. The dining chairs are 100% leather upholstery,” remarks Alsahin.

As a final touch and addition to the modern and yet yesteryear design concept, 4Space Design has added a copper mirror to the ground floor ceiling and on the mezzanine wall to give the illusion of space.

“4Space is extremely proud to have achieved the client’s brief to perfection, in accordance with budget, and on time. Indeed, AtmosFire is more than just a restaurant — it is a dining destination.” remarks Alsahin.

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