Honeywell launches smart city lighting device for GCC hotels

Honeywell launches smart city lighting device for GCC hotels

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Fortune 100 technology company Honeywell has launched a lighting device that enables hotel operators to digitise LED and non-LED lights.

The company said it will be available in the UAE and Saudi Arabia to help hotels reduce electricity costs and customise lighting.

The new system is called the INNCOM Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI). It is a two-way communication system that digitises LED and non-LED lights.

It is likely to spur the adoption of cost-saving technology in GCC hotels. 

Corentin Soistier, general manager for Honeywell’s building management systems division, said the system will help hotel operators reduce costs and increase lighting functionality.

“Across the region, facility managers and hotel operators are looking for ways to further enhance guest experience through the deployment of smart technologies while also reducing energy costs,” he said.

“Lighting accounts for a large percentage of energy consumption in hotels, and Honeywell’s INNCOM DALI system enables full control over a hotel’s lighting systems from a centralised interface.”

The company did not provide any information on how much hotel operators could save by using the smart device. 

But it did say the technology can be used for both new-build hotels and properties undergoing renovations.

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