Antolini unveils moonlight-inspired natural stone slab

Antolini unveils moonlight-inspired natural stone slab

Antolini, Stone architecture

Italian natural stone supplier Antolini has added a new member to its family of products, with the launch of Noir Blanc.

Drawn from the company’s rarest quarries, Noir Blanc is an exclusive jet black stone slab with thin white veins running diagonally across it.

The Italian business says the latest collection is “like peering down on the gentle waves of a moonlit ocean” with the white textures, the veins on the rock, “dancing softly in the wind”.

The dark background of the rock forms the “canvas” while the white lacerations drawn across Noir Blanc are designed to keep the imagination forever entertained, it added.

Noir Blanc will be part of Atolini's Exclusive Stone collection, one of several ranges the business has under its control.

Antolini has extracted natural stone from Italian quarries for more than six decade, processing and selling the slabs to designers and architects all over the world.

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