Agata Kurzela shares her five favourite design objects

Agata Kurzela shares her five favourite design objects

Design director at roar reveals her whimsical selection and why they are special to her

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Brasilia table by Edra

Inspiration for Campana Brothers' pieces usually comes from modest materials and means of assembly that are typical in under-privileged areas. In this table, reflective methacrylate pieces are haphazardly put together, mirroring the chaos of the outskirts of the South American capital, which lends the table its name.

R1 Stool from Railing Series by ArandaLasch

This surprising piece, designed in 2015, uses modules of arcs that connect to form a shape reminiscent of a three-dimensional scribble.

While the way that the designers arrived at the form is scientific, based on circles inscribed in the lattice of fractals, the result appears spontaneous and arbitrary.

Stack by Established & Sons

The design by Raw Edges & Shay Alkalay succeeds in challenging the archetype of a chest of drawers through deconstruction. It is crafted to completely conceal the underlying engineering.

Cutlery by Valerie Objects

Maarten Baas, the master of methodical imperfection, presents us with this playful cutlery set, the design of which was derived from a hand-drawn shaky outline. Beautifully proportioned, the pieces in the collection merge the coldness of the industrial process with a visible human touch.

Silver Lake by Moroso

The chair by Patricia Urquiola is graceful item inspired by Californian modernism. Despite the original inspiration, the pieces are contemporary and boldly sculptural.

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