X Architects designs visitor centre for Wasit Natural Reserve in Sharjah

Dubai-based X Architects has completed a visitor centre for the Wasit Natural Reserve located just outside of Sharjah, a project that works in line with the rehabilitation of the damaned eco-system which began in 2005.

The vast area of land that was once a water-waste and rubbish dump, has now seen the removal 40,000m2 of waste and an addition of 35,000 tress which have been planted in the area, healing the land from toxic chemicals and conserving the region’s distinct salt flats and coastal sand dunes.

Following years of effort to being back the non-migratory birds back to the reserve, the site is currently home to 350 different species, in addition to a landing zone for over 30,000 migrate birds.

The project creates a haven for bird watchers and researchers, where the architecture of the wetland visitor centre blending with its surrounding, using the existing topography to minimise its visual impact.

Alongside its internal programs, the building aims to educate its visitors on the richness of the wetland ecosystem, as well as providing information in the birds that frequent it.

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Upon arrival to the building, a pathway has been created to lead visitors underground into a linear gallery, from where a fully transparent wall is installed to provide views of the birds’natural habitat while immersing guests in the natural landscape of the area.

Last year, X Architects had also won a competition to design a masterplan in Mecca. 






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