WAF-shortlisted cultural centre in Turkey mimics surrounding topography

A cultural centre located in the historical town of Kayseri in Turkey has been shortlisted under the Culture category for the World Architecture Festival.

Designed by Turkey-based architectural studio MuuM, the project has been commissioned by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality as a means of turning the Erciyes Mountain, part of Kayeri’s most magnificent topographies, into an attraction point.

The Mountain is currently a centre for winter sports and recreation, with an ongoing masterplan that will aims to attract visitors all year round. The Erciyes Congress and Cultural Centre will be located on the coast of the Tekir Lake as part of the masterplan of Eriyes Tourism Centre.

In addition to serving as location spot, the mountain is also important in its influence over the design of the project.

The concept is to create a functional shell which mimics the topography of the site, in addition to its easy handling of the roof in case of harsh climates like snow. As an interpretation of the topography, the vaulted shell structure starts from the ground while covering all functions and meets the lake with an open air platform.

The program includes an auditorium of 2100 people, a conference hall of 1000 people, as well as three multi-functional meeting halls that can house up to 240 people.

Social spaces will feature entrance halls, a foyer and a restaurant, all with open access to the Teri Lake and the Erciyes Mountain through the lake.


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