In pictures: Twisted up and torn apart hotel

A hotel in Munich has been turned inside out, upside down and exploded in a series of manipulated images by Spanish photographer Victor Enrich.

Barcelona-based Enrich, who also works as a 3D architectural visualiser, used just one view of the Deutscher Kaiser hotel, a building he passed regularly during a two-month stay in the city.

Some images show parts of the building turned on their sides, while others show sections of it duplicated or sliced away. Some shots show it curving into different shapes and some show it pulled apart.

Another shows the top of the building transformed into a floating airship.

Enrich said: “What I basically do is create a 3D virtual environment out of a 2D photograph. The process involves capturing the perspective, then the geometry, then the materials and finally the lighting.

“The techniques I use are often described as ‘camera matching’ or ‘perspective matching’ and several 3D software packages provide functionalities that allow you to perform this,” he explained, but added that he tends to add do a lot of the work by hand to “reach the level of detail needed to achieve high photorealism.

“Then is just a matter of time, much time, spent working on it.”

(All pics courtesy Victor Enrich)

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