Tehran building Woof Shadow revisits traditional elements of Iranian architecture

Tehran building Woof Shadow revisits traditional elements of Iranian architecture

Iran, Tachra Design, Tehran

Located on North Bahar Street in Tehran’s north eastern Qeytarieh district, the 1,340m2 Woof Shadow by local architect firm Tachra Design is a modern reinterpretation of fading Iranian architecture. Surrounded by low-rise buildings that date back to the 1960s and 70s, the new residential complex was designed to stand out without disrupting its environment.

A five-story building with 10 apartments, Woof Shadow’s most notable feature is its brick façade that displays a geometric pattern. According to Faezeh Hadian, the lead architect at Tachra Design, the façade was created as an answer to the current importance of land value, which reduces the number of terraces allowed in new developments.

“To fill this vacuum,” Hadian said, “we introduced a third dimension on the façade, which creates a deep surface to the external figure. In designing the form, the surface had to be one piece with no cuts. Using origami, we formed a three-dimension feature by folding the two-dimension surface. The ‘folds’ create elements of light and shade.”

The façade is made solely of red brick – a relatively inexpensive material, according to Hadian – which allowed the architects to make the surface appear pixilated. The remaining sides of Woof Shadow are made of undecorated concrete.

In order to create an element of privacy for residents, the architects linked the ventricular shell with the internal space – in turn, filtering light and visual pollution. And to combat the reduction of natural light caused by the brick folds, the windows (unique characteristics of the building) follow unusual triangular shapes. And despite the limited outdoor area, Tachra Design was able to build a green space along the recessed southern wall, which encourages socialising among the residents.

Tachra Design is an Iranian architecture, interior design and landscape design studio based in Tehran that
often works on residential projects, but its portfolio also includes a few
commercial projects.

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