Take a peek at Nest, the wildest restaurant in the Maldives

Recently unveiled Nest at Per Aquum, Niyama in the Maldives invites the resort’s guests as well as gourmands from further afield to experience one of the wildest culinary journeys in the Maldives. Despite being freshly hatched, Nest is already attracting attention and has been shortlisted for international design awards including ‘Sexiest Design’ at LE Miami.

Nest twirls and towers in the green heart of its island home. Conceptualised and brought to life by Singapore-based design firm Poole Associates, the multi-level tree house unfurls as a labyrinth of wooden paths, dining pods immersed in jungle greenery and thatched huts. Tables are nestled amongst the dense foliage and serpentine vines on the forest floor or on platforms elevated six metres up in the treetops.

Dining huts, one housing a teppan table, shelter guests beneath cavernous rooftops. From within, guests gaze up at a dramatic vaulted ceiling that soars high above in a steep dome of latticed beams and bamboo. At table level, accents of red lacquer and woven green furnishings merge oriental influences and an island aesthetic.




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