Swiss Bureau designs origami-inspired creative incubator in Dubai

Swiss Bureau designs origami-inspired creative incubator in Dubai

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Swiss Bureau has completed the design and build of a new creative incubator, UNBOX, located in Dubai’s Bay Square, proving work spaces for independent operators, entrepreneurs, and start-up firms.

The multi-functional layout of the space aims to cater to a wide range of uses and activities. The 9,500 sq. ft. space includes a reception area, a collaboration space – which can be transformed into a space for events – a cafe, meeting rooms, members offices, a Hot Desk area, phone booths, labs, a training room, and storage space.

The design concept is inspired by the brand’s logo which comprises of a combination of triangular shapes which appear to be unraveling like origami.

Swiss Bureau used this imagery to create a space that can be deconstructed to create a wide range of possibilities in terms of the lay out. It is also reinterpreted in the ceiling design and the flooring.

The ceiling integrates into the overall architecture, with warping geometric shapes in timber cladding that glides across the space, creating a pathway and a sense of movement.

The flooring mimics the geometry of the ceiling, with a geometrical carper design in a variety shades of blue.

UNBOX offers a nature-inspired colour scheme featuring hues of blue and turquoise, grey and white, to create a serene setting for work.

Flexibility is another key feature across the project, with movable planter boxes and flexible workstations allowing the space to be readjusted according to people’s needs.

The office is also comprised of a varied range of working spaces. The Hot Desk area offers views of the Burj Khalifa and includes custom-designed desks which follow the overall concept of flexibility as the rest of the space.

Most of the elements of the incubator have been custom-made locally which limits the carbon footprint.

The design team also maximised the use of daylight across the space to limit the use of artificial lighting.


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