Sneha Divias creates 360 degrees wooden kiosk for department store in Dubai Mall

Sneha Divias creates 360 degrees wooden kiosk for department store in Dubai Mall

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Dubai-based Sneha Divias Atelier, run by designer Sneha Divias, has created a dynamic ‘kiosk’ for Maska Dubai Mall, a gift wrapping brand inspired by the Japanese art of Furoshiki (wrapping with fabrics), with an Middle Eastern-twist.

The pop up kiosk is located in the Fashion Avenue of Dubai Mall, the biggest shopping centre in the city.

Using minimal detailing, the materials used across the project include slate, powder coated stainless steel, pine wood and glass. Divias highlighted the use of soft pine wood, describing it as a versatile material that allowed for a sculpted effect with vein variations moving horizontally and vertically across the panels.

Divias worked closely with owner Fatma Al Khoori to develop the creative concept of the structure, resulting in a 360 degrees design that allows visitors to discover the versatile detailing from all sides.

The project is made up of a central gift-wrapping station featuring pine wood panels and shelving units in the back as well as a darker, shelter volume that houses a flower display and gift cards.

The display area is rendered in a darker colour with a more architectural volume, aimed to indicate a space for exploration, while the lighter wood, wrapping counters are part of the visual experience of how the product is crafted.

“The store had very specific requirements regarding how and where each element is placed in terms of functionality for the staff and what needs to be visible and accessible for the clients. There is display of paper and fabric and drawers with sizes that are suitable for staff use,” Divias explained.

“The same happens with the flower display: there is one side for display and another area for staff to work with. Every item of the inventory of what needs to be incorporated in the kiosk was given to us to ensure that the dimensions of drawers, shelves and cabinets are designed accordingly.”

The wrapping stations also feature minimal graphics that form a navigation guide, directing visitors to different stages of wrapping.

“The simplicity and efficiency of the graphic signage is a key factor in the Maska brand concept. Our client, Fatmal Al Khoori, has a streamlined process where the clients are taken through steps (1 to 3) which connect to the user experience of wrapping, embellishing and adding a card.

“Therefore, our design journey also had to follow these steps in a clean and straightforward way,” Divias explained.

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