In pictures: Beirut’s garten

The Garten, a pop-up exhibition space and nightclub created by the Uberhaus group, introduced an outdoor, summer venue dedicated to public use in Beirut, Lebanon.

The Garten, which measures at 1,000m2, was designed by Uberhaus’ in-house creative team in a joint effort with architect Tarek Berri. It’s made of steel, wood, and plexy glass.

Tres Colacion, member of the Uberhaus team, said: “We wanted to create a green space in the middle of our city. We wanted to create a space that was more than just a traditional night club.”

Surrounding the dome is large green lawn, which is adjacent to the garden space that holds exhibitions.

During the evenings, the Uberhaus team developed vibrant lighting installations that were programmed to the beat of the music and displayed against the frame of the dome.

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