Packaging design by Nendo features peelable labels for Shiawase bananas

Japanese design studio Nendo has created an unconventional packaging for the “Shiawase banana” for Unifrutti Japan, creating a graphic that works seamlessly with the product.

The Shiawase banana is grown in the north-central region of the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, with the name meaning “happiness” in Japanese.

“When we were asked to design the packaging, we didn’t want to just come up with something extravagant because of its high quality: that would be totally inappropriate for an environmentally friendly banana. And so we decided to steer clear of boxes or packing material, and apply stickers on the surface of the banana peel,” the studio explained.

The sticker is double layered, with the first layer reproducing the textural feel and colours of the banana peel, down to the lifelike bruises and discolouration. A segment of the sticker is partially peeled. When this is peeled off, the second sticker is revealed featuring a message with an image of the flesh of the banana in the background.

In addition to the packaging, Nendo has also created paper bag for the purchased bananas.

When spreading open the paper bag it reveals itself as a single sheet of paper in the shape of a large banana leaf where a detailed description of the Shiawase banana can be discovered.

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