New lighting and cultural project opens in d3 by IBDA and .PSLAB

Design and architecture studios .PSLAB and IBDA, in collaboration with d3 (Dubai Design District) has created an urban environment within the new design district called Hai d3.

Translated from the Arabic word “neighbourhood”, Hai reflects the importance of community spirit within the Dubai Design District.

“Hosted in a total of 68 white recycled containers, Hai d3 aims to contribute to the creative and cultural development of Dubai by presenting and hosting a program of events and participatory activities for Dubai’s varied creative communities,” a statement by .PSLAB explained.

.PSLAB, IBDA and d3 collaborated on the design and build of the lighting of this urban environment.

“In an effort to structurize the lighting intervention, .PSLAB’s initial steps were studying the modular containers according to height, composition, understanding the ambient glow diffused from the existing interior lights and designing a tailor made outdoor lighting solution for a unique creative habitat.

“The U shaped rod mounted projectors are fixed on the outer surface of the containers, positioned in the dark areas, between the horizontal edges, shedding the needed light on the different levels. The fixation plates are a bespoke solution, designed to fit the pattern of the container panels. The directional projectors are made from steel with a powder coated finish and supported by stainless steel, naturally finished rod, complimenting the industrial feel of the containers.”

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