Muslim cultural centre in China combines elegant curves and petal-like reflections

Architectural design and research institute SCUT has designed the Da Chang Muslim cultural centre in China that will serve as a spiritual home for Muslims and visitors alike, as well as integrating an exhibition space and theatre. The cultural centre will also be home to a convention and community centre.

Located in the Hebei province of China, the project was commissioned by the local government to introduce local religion and history, in addition as serving the community.

The building is designed in consideration of religious and cultural context of the surrounding environment, as much as combining a holistic view towards sustainable living, applied by principal architect He Jingtang.

The structural planning involves a multitude of functions in order to reflect the elements mentioned above, in addition to providing a better life.

The building itself is based on the traditional mosque form, subtly interpreting standard framework with new materials and technologies.

The arches expand into feminine curves, creating petal-shaped reflection in the shallow pool of water set below. The architects reinterpreted traditional Islamic patterns into modernised geometrics.

The dome uses petaloid shells which allows for daylight to fill the interior space with intricate shadows and shapes.


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