Maja Kozel combines traditional materials with a minimal aesthetic for Shurooq office in Sharjah

Maja Kozel combines traditional materials with a minimal aesthetic for Shurooq office in Sharjah

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Maja Kozel Design has unveiled the interiors for the new Heart of Sharjah Management office by Shurooq  (Sharjah Investment and Development Authority) office, located in Sharjah’s heritage district.

Photography by Jalal Abuthina.

Housed inside a restored building by architects WMPA, the design takes its inspiration from its traditional surroundings which are reinterpreted with modern materials and a minimal approach.

Concrete and wood, which can be found in the exterior of the structure, is translated within the interiors to continue the raw feel of the space, contrasted with the use of smooth black metal.

The colour scheme is monochromatic which provides further emphasis on the use of textures and materials.

Lighting is a focal part of the design, informed by both functional and aesthetic values, complete with pendant lights, indirect lighting and wall lighting set against textured, plastered walls.

The office is located within the busy Heart of Sharjah development, and is designed to provide a sense of tranquility. Due to its traditional architectural style, the building features two courtyards which stand as the footprint of the design.

The courtyards are used as the central point of the design, connecting various offices and meeting rooms, taking full advantage of the natural daylight filtering into the interior spaces.

“The interior itself is designed to be subtle and minimal,” Maya Kozel, founder, explained. “It is all about the experience of the space, which is unique, true to the Emirati culture and forward looking in its fusion of old and new narratives.”

Shurooq is the developer behind Heart of Sharjah, the largest historical preservation and restoration project in the region. Planned over a 15 year period, the project is set for completion by 2025, with the aim of revitalising Sharjah’s heritage district as well as its cultural and social fabric.

The project will including restoring historical buildings and building new structures which follow the emirate’s traditional architecture, to be transformed into hotels, restaurants, cafe’s, art galleries and markets.


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