Masquespacio designs Solera’s supermarket in Cologne, Germany

Spanish-based design consultancy Masquespacio has just completed its last project in Cologne, Germany, for supermarket chain Solera.

For Solera’s new  ‘cash & carry’ supermarket, which is known for selling Spanish products, Masquespacio’s design team was tasked to design both the branding and interiors. The design of the new 500sqm Solera was developed in search of a touch of Mediterranean emotion, mixed with functional features necessary for this type of businesses.

The predominantly black colour offers seriousness, contrasted with several ‘happy’ colours reminiscent of Spain, without overtly referring to Spanish themes.

The signage has also been created by Masquespacio following the patterns of the brand. The kitchen for degustation and seminaries is located next to the cold chamber, showcasing the pattern of Solera’s new market.

Photography: Luis Beltran 


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