Maja Kozel designs pastel-hued pastry concept in Dubai’s Port Rashid area

Maja Kozel designs pastel-hued pastry concept in Dubai’s Port Rashid area

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Dutch designer Maja Kozel, founder of Maja Kozel Design, has unveiled the design for a minimal, pastel-hued pastry shop in Dubai’s Port Rashid harbour.

All photography courtesy of Wietske Zandberg

Pastrology is set within four shipping containers with an area of 92m2, which influenced the overall spatial design, aiming to make traditionally hidden areas more accessible to visitors. Customers are able to get a view of the back-of-house kitchen while the chefs and baristas prepare food and beverages.

Although it features a combination of high-end materials and finishes, the colour scheme of the space as well as the minimal and diversity of seating options reflect a comforting homely warmth.

A combination of brass and marble features may be found throughout – both in order to maintain the high-end quality to the space but also to offer more understated tones and textures.

Brass details embellish the bar counter as well as the frame that divides the staircase, while marble is used as the bar counter top as well as the for the tables, which feature brass legs –  an exercise in the fusion of stone and metal elements.

The bar area also incorporates a glass vision panel in order to create the effect of a wider open space. Floating shelves on the walls is another design choice for space-saving, as well as adding a minimalist aesthetic.

The staircase wall is decorated with a mural featuring gold leaf details, adding a luxurious finish to the setting.

Custom benches are used to reference the context of the pastry shop which overlooks the harbour and provides a “beach house” feel to the overall design.

Last year, the designer completed the interiors of the new Heart of Sharjah Management office by Shurooq  (Sharjah Investment and Development Authority), located in the emirate’s heritage district.

Kozel was also on of the designers involved in the Surge for Water: Design, Dine and Make a Difference competition for which her design, Turbo, recieved first place.

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