Case study: Jaidah Square

Built for Jaidah Group, this seven-storey commercial office building broke ground in 2009 and is now nearly complete. The initial concept was given to Woods Bagot to create an ‘inversion of the ordinary’. After the team created the building’s primary plan, MZ & Partners further cultivated the building’s aesthetic as consultant of record.

United Designers of London completed the detailed architectural design for the colour of the glass, the showroom facades and the fit out in the communal areas. Naqsh panels and geometric patterns were modernised and used as a motif in the building and landscaping. White Young managed all aspects of the project’s development.

The site
Located in downtown Doha, Jaidah Square is situated on Airport Road, and acts as a centre for local and international businesses. Jaidah Square is the largest commercial office nearest to the New Doha International Airport.

The property has 662 parking bays spread over three basement levels. Housed in the centre of the atrium are eight passenger lifts, one VIP and one service lifts. On either side of the atrium are two 2,300m2 showrooms, both with 1,300m2 mezzanine levels with each of the subsequent floors being 4,000m2.

The concept
Creative director for United Designers Ian Bayliss said: “We hope to have created a luxurious space that will be a completely new concept in office design for Doha and a first for the city.”

Energy efficient features include high density roof insulation, waterless urinals and high efficiency chillers on the roof. All the lighting in communal areas is set to 30%, with the rest on a lighting control module. 50% of the offices have been taken and the building will be officially opened later this year.

The details
Commenting on the details, Nicholas Young, building manager for Jaidah Group, said: “The ceiling height in the atrium is eight metres and it still remains cool. This is primarily thanks to the glass. Most offices usually toughen the glass inside and out. We’ve laminated the outside and then toughened the inside.

“If you just laminate without toughening it is very dangerous if it breaks as you get the shards. It really does offer a really efficient solar solution. From the outside it’s almost black where as from the inside it appears to be clear.”

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