In pictures: Top Middle East projects proposed in 2015

With only three months into 2015, regional projects have already started to pick up up numerous large-scale developments planned for the Gulf, as well as the rest of the Arab world.

Egypt is taking the lead with its announcement of a masterplan for a new capital city designed by SOM as well as a much talked about pyramid skyscraper.

Dubai is also basking in its usual glory with the recently unveiled Museum of the Future, with the architect behind the project discovered earlier today, an artificial tropical rain forest and a gem-inspired hotel. Also in the works is the comeback of Nakheel Mall by RSP. 

Other parts of the UAE are also working on some mentionable projects such as Hadid’s Bee’ah headquarters in Sharjah. 

Ras Al Khaimah are planning a man-made party island to rival the likes of Ibiza while Qatar is planning “Banana Island”, whose distinctive shape will act as a natural protection for 30 berths to house boats and yachts.


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