In pictures: The Contemporary Majlis competition at INDEX

The 2014 Contemporary Majlis competition saw four different finalists including Tangram Gulf, DAB Architecture and Interiors, Intercon and Lighter Than Air.

The Jury’s Choice Award went to Intercom for it 3’AM proposal that features a floating majlis that would be moved daily to different locations.

“This would be used as a place to discuss issues, evaluating both the impact of what has been done in the past and what is planned for the future, all from the vantage point that the sea would offer,” the designers said in a statement.

The design concept for the majlis is derived from the Emirati fishermen, mimicking fish traps.

“We have used materials that are re-used, recycled and up-cycled, all of which are produced and disposed of locally, from the oil barrels through to the fishermen’s nylon nests.

“The majlis will be dragged by boats and moored into position during the evenings, whereupon the invited guests would come aboard and the discussions would begin. The next day it would be moved again and so on and our floating majlis would contribute to spreading the awareness of our actions on a growing city.”

The Public Choice Award will be announced on Thursday 22 May at INDEX.

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