UPDATED: Modern mosques of the world

Building up on last year’s modern mosque designs, we have included a few more structures that resonates a contemporary aesthetic. The additional designs include mosques from Bahrain, Copenhagen, Istanbul and Dubai.

Mosques, being a place of worship for Muslims worldwide, typically incorporate traditional designs and a strict structure including a dome and minarets.

But with the world turning to contemporary design, where does that leave classical mosque designs?

Globally, countless architects and designers showed us that sticking to the typical guidelines to designing mosques is not the only way of presenting this place of worship- mosques are also forms of architecture that can be interpreted through modern design.

Here, we have selected modern mosque designs from across the world, starting from Dubai, Singapore and Berlin to the UK. Our list includes mosques that have been built, ones that are under-construction, as well as proposals from architects and designs for competitions.

You can also view our gallery on the most iconic mosques in the world.


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