In pictures: Interior design concept for Abu Dhabi jewelry store

Dubai-based green design and architecture consultancy, ArchItaly has proposed an interior design concept for a private jewelry store in Abu Dhabi that mixes modern Italian design with classical Arabian styles.

Designed for a member of the Abu Dhabi ruling family, the concept is planned for a villa located in an elegant new cluster in Abu Dhabi, complete with sea views.

The project incorporates full-white surfaces with touches of gold, using hand-made gold-covered ceramic tiles from Florence.

The white and neutral coloured space is intentionally so to focus the customers attention to the glass box wall showcases, complete with matching crystal cascade chandeliers.

The project aims to create a natural and relaxing atmosphere by opening views to an external swimming pool as well as the sea from the main window.

The furnishings will consist of white leather in floral forms and wavy patterns, blending with the white  Italian marble flooring.

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