In pictures: Future plans for Chinese City of Eternal Spring

Re-establishing a link between living in the city and rural life is the inspiration for a “future city” designed by architect Vincent Callebaut.

Driverless cars, rooftop gardens and communal vegetable patches are all part of the project for Kunming, Yunnan Province, China – known as the “City of |Eternal Spring” due to its climate and greenery.

Fences will be a thing of the past as residents are free to roam around eco-friendly communities, water will be naturally filtered for people to swim and rainwater will also be harvested in large pools.

Villas are visualised in shapes inspired by cones and fans, as well as the scientific symbol for infinity.

Also road lights will only spring into action when their LED lights sense movement or sound by passing vehicles.

Paris-based Callebaut said is aspiring to reinvent the social link between the city and countryside. His vision, he claims, offers a solution to rising non-renewable energy consumption in China.

The architect says it will produce more power from natural sources than it needs to function, so will be able to supply the needs of other towns.

The project, called “Flavours Orchard”, will centre around the city’s Dianchi Lake and is around 90,000m2 in size.

“Through architecture, the social life between city and countryside is first of all reinvented,” said Callebraut.

All images are courtesy of  Vincent Callebaut Architects

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