In pictures: Dubai Police dismiss reports of Burj Khalifa on fire

Dubai Police on Sunday denied claims on social media that the Burj Khalifa was on fire, confirming that photos showing smoke around the skyscraper was simply fog gathering around the middle of the world’s tallest tower.

While some users claimed fire engines had been called, this was denied by officials.

On Burj Khalifa’s official twitter account, officials tweeted: “It’s that time of year the clouds gather around #burjkhalifa & trick us. It’s just fog, our beloved #Burjkhalifa is safe & shining!”

The message was later retweeted by Dubai Police.

A police source told 7DAYS: “We are aware of reports on social media – but we’re quite sure it’s just a cloud formation or fog.”

The rumours came as the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) issued a weather warning on Sunday and urged motorists to be cautious, to reduce speed and to leave adequate space between vehicles on the roads due to low horizontal visibility caused by heavy fog in various coastal and inland areas of the country.

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