In pictures: Doha’s architectural marvels by Pygmalion Karatzas (Part 1)

Pygmalion Karatzas is a Greek photographer who studied architecture in Budapest, urban design in Edinburgh, and eco-village design at Findhorn.

Karatzas said the photography project in Doha took about two months. “The trip took place in October 2013, during which I familiarised with the city, visited selected sections and met with construction industry professionals who presented some works in progress.”

He continued: “For its relatively small size Doha has many fascinating and exceptional buildings to show and with this photo-reportage I wanted to give a glimpse albeit a comprehensive one with cityscapes, featured buildings… and fine art impressions.”

The photographer commented that the project is part of an integral photographic vision inspired by philosopher Ken Wilber, “exploring various approaches to architectural photography, aiming to combine a respectful representation of exterior realities and a meaningful expression of our interiority.”

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