In pictures: ‘Abwab’ pavilions by Loci Architecture + Design for Dubai Design Week

UAE-based design and architecture studio Loci is set to design six identical pavilions that will showcase the work of designers from six different countries in the MENESA region as part of the inaugural Dubai Design Week.

A curator from each participating country has been elected to lead the designers to generate never before-seen design content under one unifying theme: Games: The Element of Play in Culture. Designers are invited to investigate the games of their countries and how the tools and rules of a place might be understood through its more playful activities.

The six countries include UAE, Kuwait, Pakistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

Integrated into the walkways and open areas of Dubai Design District (d3), the six 50 square metre pavilions have been designed by UAE-based firm, Loci Architecture + Design, to be identical in size and shape, acting as capsules to house each country equally  and for visitors to immerse themselves totally in the worlds within.


In order to contextualize the pavilions, the skins are composed of sand, an abundant yet underused local material adapted to perform as intelligent climate control and a veil between the exhibit and audiences before entry. Loci has adopted new techniques and modelling real- size mock-ups to achieve the end results.

Hamad Khoory, partner at Loci Architecture + Design said: The greatest challenge for us, was how to design a pavilion that suited our aesthetics both from the inside and outside without affecting the curations of the interior. We selected sand as the structure’s core material; a  playful material in the way it moves, accumulates, shifts and the endless interactions we had with it growing up.”

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