Designers create marble, wood and metallic taps for Axor Water Dream concept

Designers create marble, wood and metallic taps for Axor Water Dream concept

Bathroom brand Axor has continued its Water Dream project, aiming to engage designers in creating unusual ranges of faucets, aiming to develop innovative bathroom solutions by encouraging designers to challenge the norm.

Presented during Salone del Mobile, this year’s designers include Front, Davide Adjaye and GamFratesi, Jean-Marie Massaud and Werner Aisslinger. Axor asked the designers involved to present their vision for the “meaning of water within living spaces of tomorrow”, encouraging the use of untraditional materials, forms and technologies.

Water Steps by Front

Photography by Gabriela Bell

“With the Axor WaterDream 2016 we discussed the meaning and value of water in our living space with some of the world’s best architects and designers, while testing the limits of individualisation,” says Philippe Grohe, vice president of design management at Hansgrohe SE.

Front’s proposal is Water Steps that allows a stream of water to flow through a series of sculptural bowls, using the water flow as a decorative element.

Ritual by David Adjaye

Photography by Gabriela Bell

One of the focuses for the design studio was the element of sound, using the sound of the trickling water as part of a multi-sensory performance.

Its name comes from the conical metallic shapes (“steps”) that uses the material by moulding it into an unusual shape.

Zen by GamFratesi

British architect David Adjaye’s concept is Ritual, that aims to frame the flow of water within a bronze channel, beneath a wedge-shaped granite inlay.

GamFratesi were inspired by Japanese wooden fountains to create Zen, which attempts to reconnect the idea of water back to its origin: nature.

Mimcry by Jean-Marie Massaud

Photography by Gabriela Bell

Jean-Marie Massaud created Mimicry, a concept in which natural stone meets water in a harmonious connection. Simple geometric shapes were used to create a landscape of marble that integrates perfectly into various interior concepts.

The Sea and the Shore by Werner Aisslinger

Lastly, The Sea and Shore is a clay basin featuring a small shelf by designer Werner Aisslinger.

Photography by Gabriela Bell

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