Cubic courthouse for Riyadh

German architecture firm AS&P has shared images of its striking cubic courthouse which is under construction in central Riyadh.

The 44.4m-high Criminal Court Complex completes a set of public institutions with the intention of breathing new life into the centre of the Saudi capital.

In an interview with Middle East Architect, AS&P founder Prof Albert Speer said that the building is due to be completed in early 2013.

“It’s a huge project and will be finished at the beginning of next year. It’s a very nice building,” he remarked.

A wraparound strip of light at the base is said to form a natural barrier, creating a feeling of security and emphasising the raised status of the building.

Footbridges bring the visitor to the conically-shaped entrances along the main axes. The facade features the region’s typical coarse chalky sandstone panels.

Narrow slits with window elements are strongly recessed, minimising the exposure of the rooms to the heat outside and accentuating the facade’s sculptural appearance.

Rooms are grouped around a spacious atrium that rises the full height of the building. Strips of windows in the ceiling bring in indirect daylight and create patterns along the walls inside.

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