Case study: BMW Brand Showrooms

Case study: BMW Brand Showrooms

Planned in three phases, this project involves the redevelopment of the showrooms and workshop facilities of the BMW brand, on its existing site by the Al Maqta bridge in Abu Dhabi.

Designed by Samir Daoud, chairman and principal design architect of Diar Consult, phase one was opened at the end of March 2011 and delivered the Middle East’s largest Rolls Royce showroom as well as a Mini Cooper showroom.

With the other two phases to open later this year, the overall project covers 35,000m2 and includes BMW showrooms, workshops, lounges, coffee shops, a museum and the headquarters of United Al Saqer Group and Abu Dhabi Motors.

The Concept
The visitor circulation is conceived as one uninterrupted route starting with the Rolls Royce showroom, through to the Mini Cooper showroom. The spaces are flanked by a central oval-shaped museum atrium with corporate offices above.

The Details
The main facade of the showrooms of Rolls Royce, Mini Cooper and BMW face the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway, while the remaining façades accommodate the lifestyle and BMW premium selection.

Elevated circular towers – contemporary and abstract interpretations of historic Arabian watchtowers – anchor the three prominent corners. Each tower displays the main featured car of each brand on rotating turntables.

Daoud added: “There is a sense of transparency and dynamism from the façade through to the interiors with the use of articulated skylights, canopies and sunscreens. This enriches the showrooms with natural brightness, displaying the cars in the best possible light and mood.”

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