Beirut Design Week exhibition highlights Lebanon’s female graphic designers

Beirut Design Week exhibition highlights Lebanon’s female graphic designers

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Beirut Design Week’s exhibition ‘Critical Mass: Women in Graphic Design’ celebrates female graphic designers from Lebanon to promote gender equality within the industry.

Stephy Ibrahim’s work focuses on the architecture of different cities

Highlighting the work of four designers including Samar Haddad, Rana Zaher, Yasmine Darwiche and Stephy Ibrahim, the exhibition also aims to showcase the variety of their design styles and practices.

Rana Zaher’s work is influenced by mythology

In an interview with Dezeen, Beirut Design Week creative director Doreen Toutikian said: “The majority of students in university who study graphic design are women, and most of them end up working in companies who do purely commercial work.

Yasmine Darwiche’s work is often inspired by her photography of Beirut

“I felt like there wasn’t a platform or a space where their artistic talents as graphic designers were appreciated, so we decided to bring these four women together for an exhibition. We picked these four specifically because they are quite new, very talented and have totally different styles.”

By Rana Zaher

Haddad, whose work incorporates a lot of pop references, noted that the exhibition’s promotion of female graphic designers in Lebanon is a necessary part of the society’s changing conversation. “Sometimes women aren’t really taken seriously as designers because sadly it’s still a patriarchal society and some people here prefer working with men,” she said. “This exhibition is trying to change this.”

By Samar Haddad

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