Architects of Air created floating interior designs in Dubai

The creations of design team Architects of Air were one of the major attractions at a festival celebrating street art held in Dubai last month.

More than 40 artists took part in the event which celebrated urban culture in Deira, the older part of the city.

StreetCon Dubai at Al Ghurair Centre was curated by Rollan Rodriguez. He said: “I wanted to give some other, newer, artists a chance to showcase their works, so I’m mostly backstage on this one and will be focusing on making sure the overall event goes well.”

A major feature of the displays is Architects of Air’s Miracoco Luminarium. This maze of winding paths and soaring domes is a monument to the beauty of light and colour.

Designed to accommodate up to 80 people, it was situated in the open-air car park on Al Rigga Road.

Visitors were able to explore live, interactive graffiti walls, photography exhibitions, art installations and public art pieces, which were lining the streets.

“It’s a real contrast and something we don’t see enough of in this city,” said student Ahmed Mehmet. “You can really lose yourself in these creations – and the colours are amazing.”

Headlining the event was street artist Eduardo Kobra, famous for his “Walls of Memory” project, which transformed the urban landscape of the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo and made it into a tourist attraction.

Kobra said: “I have a project called Envolva-se (Get involved) – the idea is to provide an opportunity for young people with talent, since street art is a relatively new phenomenon in the entire world, I would like very much to have contact with local artists, and anyone who has an interest in this type of work.

“For me, it is sincerely a privilege to be able to see Dubai and, best of all, to have my work on one of the walls of the city.”

Rodriguez added: “There are plenty of things to see other than art. We’re holding workshops for kids and adults, and there are interactive art installations, some family entertainment and loads more.”

He said there are “so many things for visitors to look out, but singled out the free workshops, hosted by some of the most talented artists in town, as his personal highlight.

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